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Dr. Motsoaledi’s meanderings through a Budget Speech, Department of Health

06 May

Dr. Aaron Motsoaledi delivered the Department of Health budget speech on 5 May 2015 and from the get-go focused on the 3 core priorities that: …determine whether the country goes forward or backwards… They included i) the implementation of NHI, ii)  Competition Commission’s Public Market Inquiry (PMI) into the cost of Private Health Care, and […]

Mori and Robberstad paper on pharmacoeconomics in Tanzania

19 Oct

Amani Thomas Mori and Bjarne Robberstad’s paper on pharmacoeconomics in Tanzania is a great contribution. In part, it addresses a generally held hypothesis that pharmacoeconomic studies are impossible in Tanzania and comparable countries because no data is available with which to conduct such analyses. Mori et al clearly demonstrate that researchers have overcome data barriers […]

New information on the thalidomide case of the 1960s

27 Jul

Below is new information on how Grunenthal (in Germany) knew of thalidomide’s harmful effects on foetuses before the medicine was ban in 1961. This evidence dismantles the long-held belief that birth defects were an “unforeseeable tragedy” and that Grunenthal’s ”actions were consistent with the state of scientific knowledge and prevailing standards of the 1950s”. As […]