Our Services

Pharmaceutical Policy Consulting provides evidence-based technical assistance to strengthen pharmaceutical systems in low and middle-income countries. We focus on:

  • developing financing strategies that improve medicine access and use

    • designing incentives and disincentives through various payment and purchasing modalities
    • efficiency studies on resource use (pharmacoeconomics, financial modeling)
    • innovative financing strategies (risk-sharing agreements, cost-sharing agreements, performance-based financing)
    • fund flow analysis and financial sustainability
    • medicine price analysis and comparisons to inform pricing policy
  • monitoring and evaluation of pharmaceutical systems

    • program evaluation through applied quantitative and qualitative research methods
    • development of progress monitoring systems that enable regular adjustments to planned activities
    • embedding research outcomes into decision-making processes
    • development of results framework and metrics
  • enhancing pharmaceutical sector governance

    • build capacity of local  institutions to strengthen transparency and accountability
    • stakeholder mapping and engagement processes
  • mainstreaming gender in pharmaceutical policy

    • assessment of medicines policies from a gender perspective
    • developing gender sensitive indicators

Our Products

The outcomes of our technical assistance include:

  • pharmaceutical system assessment reports,
  • economic and financial models,
  • rapid evidence reviews,
  • conceptual models for pharmaceutical system improvements,
  • cross national and comparative policy analysis,
  • monitoring and evaluation tools, and
  • situation analysis reports.

Our Skills

Strategy: medicines policy, pricing policy.
Management and planning: project management, financial management, reimbursement negotiation, team leadership, stakeholder engagement.
Technical Analysis: pharmacoeconomic evaluations, pharmaceutical and health policy analysis
Data Analysis Tools: Stata, HLM, SPSS, TreeAge, and Matlab

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