Achieving Pharmacoeconomic Excellence in South Africa

Achieving Pharmacoeconomic Excellence

Achieving Pharmacoeconomic Excellence in South Africa

We shared a post on LinkedIn on the results of a systematic review that found half of the pharmacoeconomic studies in South Africa are good quality. The purpose of the post is to extend the discussion presented by the authors and to consider the future implications for pharmacoeconomic research in South Africa and the implementation of pharmacoeconomic evaluations. The results were critiqued by some researchers but it appears to have gone unnoticed by policymakers and pharmacoeconomic researchers.

The results highlight that researchers in South Africa may require additional support to publish quality studies. Perhaps they lack sufficient academic training to design, execute and report the results of pharmacoeconomic studies. Another factor to consider is the ability of medical journals (e.g.: South African Medical Journal) to review the quality of pharmacoeconomic studies.

So when you have an opportunity, head over to LinkedIn and look at the post.

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