Are access professionals recognised internationally for improving patient lives?

There's so much incredible work happening in Africa and the Middle East! Every trip to the region leaves us inspired that access to medicines will continue to improve thanks to skilled and energetic access professionals. These are professionals in pharmaceutical companies, health insurance companies, government institutions, patient organisations, and independent researchers devoted to improving access to medicines. But does the international community know about all their work? Are access professionals in Africa and the Middle East recognised internationally for improving patient lives?

We're talking about pharmacoeconomic evaluations, epidemiological studies, and outcomes research studies (for a start) across a range of disease areas: diabetes, oncology, rare disease, cardiovascular disease, multiple sclerosis, to name just a few! It's sometimes as small as refining epidemiological estimates for a disease or as large as a multicenter outcomes research study. We're amazed how much of what we see and hear is never published or shared with the international community!

SHOUT-OUTSThat's why we're starting a year-long SHOUT-OUT CAMPAIGN! Basically, it's about getting your message out to an international audience through publication in an international peer-reviewed journal, writing-up your project as a case study, or communicating your project results on social media.

We don't need a new Africa Outcomes Research Journal to do this or a new Middle East Journal of Pharmacoeconomics! There are already well-establish international journals and social media groups to get your message out! We simply need to articulate your project in scientific terms and share it with the international community.

During the SHOUT-OUT CAMPAIGN, C&C staff will advise on the best approach to design and implement your project and how to include a publication strategy. We'll share our international experience with various journals (e.g.: the Journal of Medical Economics, etc.) and suggest how your project should be structured.

Are you ready to SHOUT-OUT?



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