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Dr. Nkonjo-Iweala: Open letter to the World Bank Board of Directors

15 Apr

OPEN LETTER TO THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS OF THE WORLD BANK IN SUPPORT OF DR. NGOZI OKONJO-IWEALA’S CANDIDACY FOR PRESIDENT Dear Honourable Board of Directors, As the Graduates of the NEPAD Business Foundation African Leadership Programme (NBF-ALP) we proactively contribute towards changes that support good governance. We collaborate in ways that aim at ensuring inclusiveness […]

Portuguese navigators, spice routes, and South-South trade routes for medicines

16 Feb

  João L. Carapinha, Brook K. Baker The spice trade of antiquity and contemporary medicine trade appear to share much in common. For centuries, Greeks and Romans traded spice with Asia using trade routes over land and sea to India and China. They were the Indian-Roman routes and Incense routes with paths crossing the Red Sea […]

Gates Foundation and 13 MNCs target neglected diseases

01 Feb

Aljazeera’s Inside Story covered the news that 13 MNCs are teaming up to target neglected diseases. The Gates Foundation also came to the party with significant funding. The video has interventions from: Lorenzo Savioli (WHO), Mario Ottiglio (IFPMA), and Tito Von Schoen-Angerer (MSF). Why now? Many of the neglected diseases have been around for decades […]

False knowledge ended Gaddafi’s rule, says Mbeki

17 Jan

Read the full email discussion on this topic. January 19, 2012 The point has been lost in the recent correspondence, I think. The purpose of the comments by Anthony, Stuart, Terry and mine focused on a method to understand Mbeki’s contribution. Anthony told us to “play the ball and not the man”, Stuart highlighted that […]

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