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WHO’s serious reservations on Value-Based Pricing: Conflicts and Nuances

08 Jun
WHO Fair Pricing Forum Carapinha & Company

On May 10 and 11, the WHO Fair Pricing Forum met to discuss improvements to medicine pricing practices and pricing approaches that balance public health needs and incentives for pharmaceutical research and development. The Forum was established to facilitate the exchange of insights on fairer medicine pricing systems, identification of research gaps to support improvements, […]

The Globalization of NICE’s Health Technology Appraisals

01 May

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) in England often comes up in conversations on medicine reimbursement. The sequence of events goes something like this: a new medicine is planned for launch in a growth market (mostly middle-income countries), but the government and private health insurance companies are uncertain of its economic and […]

En garde QALY! Is your end nigh?

05 Apr

The Spanish Ministry of Health recently rejected the use of QALYs in cost-effectiveness analyses. At issue is the subjective nature of the parameters used to develop the QALY. The Quality-Adjusted Life-Years (QALY) is a product of the change in utilities associated with a treatment multiplied by the time of treatment exposure. The QALYs gained combined […]

ISPOR South Africa: Panel Presentation

18 Sep

This presentation provides highlights of a recent paper published by Dr. João  Carapinha on a comparative review of the Pharmacoeconomic Guidelines in South Africa with twelve other countries. An abstract and more background information on the paper is also available here.  

Comment on the implications of external price referencing of pharmaceuticals in Middle East countries

15 Aug

Expert Review of Pharmacoeconomics & Outcomes Research Corresponding Author: Dr. João L. Carapinha, Ph.D External Price Referencing (EPR) is frequently used by countries to control pharmaceutical prices but studies to substantiate its use in the Middle East (ME) is lacking. The paper by Kalo et al set-out to fill this lacuna through three objectives: i) […]

A Comparative Review of the Pharmacoeconomic Guidelines in South Africa

15 Aug

Journal of Medical Economics Author: Dr. João L. Carapinha, Ph.D. Objective: To compare the pharmacoeconomic guidelines in South Africa (SA) with other middle- and high-income countries. Methods: A comparative review of key features of the pharmacoeconomic guidelines in SA was undertaken using the Comparative Table of Pharmacoeconomic Guidelines developed by the International Society of Pharmacoeconomics […]

What makes a good systematic review and meta-analysis?

15 Aug

Webinar: What makes a good systematic review and meta-analysis? 13 September 2016 @ 7:30am Boston (12:30pm London, 1:30pm Johannesburg. 3:30pm Dubai) Here, we’ll cover the nuts and bolts of what we look for in a high-quality, systematic review and meta-analysis, beginning with a focused research question that helps the reader understand why we need this […]

Developing a fair pricing model for medicines.

07 Jul

Marie-Paule Kieny, Assistant Director-General at the WHO published an interested comment on finding a comprehensive and fair solution to the price of medicines. The part that grabbed our attention was the reference to developing ” … a fair pricing model …”, see below. To that end, WHO is planning to convene governments, patient groups and […]

Presentation: What makes a great paper from Editorial/Reviewer perspective?

08 Jun
JME Picture Large

Presentation: What makes a great paper from Editorial/Reviewer perspective? Date/Time: 29 June 2016 @ 12pm London time (1pm Johannesburg. 3pm Dubai) Overview: This presentation is intended to help authors/publishing teams glean insights from what Editorial see every day. They will learn how to avoid a number of common mistakes that cause immediate or eventual rejection […]

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