Closing out 2017

2017 was an exciting year! As we take a look back at our activities, I'm excited that we completed various projects aimed at strengthening pharmaceutical markets in Africa and the Middle East. In the process, we engaged stakeholders across the spectrum of pharmaceutical markets - government institutions, multilateral agencies, patient organisations, donor agencies, pharma and device companies, health insurance companies, third-party administrators, health research companies, and academic institutions.

First and foremost, we'd like to thank the market access professionals in Africa and the Middle East for their progressive approach to improving access to medicines. They are at the forefront of addressing barriers to access, countless patients have benefitted from their innovation and resilience. We also want to thank the various stakeholders for collaborating with C&C - your willingness to engage, brainstorm, and implement new ideas has helped reduce challenges patients experience accessing medicines. Your contribution is nothing short of excellent, and we look forward to our ongoing collaboration.

Pharmaceutical markets are changing rapidly across Africa and the Middle East. Some challenges include the liberalisation of healthcare markets in Saudi Arabia and the UAE, to the unintended consequences of out-dated medicine price regulations in South Africa and policy uncertainty around NHI. Patient organisations have proliferated a dime a dozen many with undeclared conflicts of interest and government institutions have been slow to respond with evidence-based improvements in pharmaceutical markets. At a time of rapid change, we're hoping that stakeholders will coalesce around shared objectives in the private sector and that improved partnerships with government institutions will prevail. C&C will continue to contribute leading market access insights, state-of-the-art economic evaluations and budget impact models to strengthen available scientific evidence.

Thank you for your support and collaboration. We look forward to an exciting 2018!

João Carapinha, PhD
Chief Executive Officer

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