Outcomes Research



Improving access to innovative technologies will in the future depend on demonstrating real-world evidence of the clinical and economic value of new treatments. It's for this reason that observational studies play a critical role in understanding the benefits of treatment for patients beyond the constraints of clinical trials. Observational studies have the power to generate in-market insights that validate products value in the broader population. At C&C we excel at conducting primary qualitative and quantitative research focused on applying the best available methods to generate real-world evidence. The insights we generate demonstrate the economic value of new treatments.


Patient registries are essential in monitoring the impact of innovative technologies in the market. C&C supports Clients in conceptualizing and operationalizing a patient registry to fit the needs of the therapeutic area and in so doing we support Clients generate insights on the impact of a new treatment in a defined patient population. The use of patient registeries has grown in popularity particularly among regulators and payors (public and private) as an approach to supplement the data submitted in clinical trials.


Retrospective Studies are incresingly important in regulatory decision-making and optimizing market access strategies. Such studies employ extensive patient registeries or reimbursement/claims databases to generate real-world evidence on new treatments. Retrospective studies validate clinical and economic value propositions of innovative technologies in order to bridge the data gap between pre-registration and post-registration on new treatments.

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