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Incorporation of new health technologies and pricing in Brasil’s health system

20 Sep
Brazil HTA 1

C&C co-hosted with #Abrale the Masterclass at TJCC 2019 where we covered the incorporation of new health technologies and pricing in Brasil’s health system. We had speakers from CONITEC, patient organizations (rare diseases and multiple sclerosis), independent legal and communication experts, and TechValue. Among the issues covered was the fair pricing of new health technologies […]

“Business model is broken” – Hale, Medicines360

16 Apr

Victoria Hale, Medicines360’s CEO, believes the pharmaceutical business model is broken. Hale presented at the Unite for Sight conference in New Haven and informed delegates that pharma companies profit excessively from medicine sales and enourmous marketing budgets shadow R&D expenditure. Furthermore, she believes that society should purchase medicinal products from companies that benefit humanity. Talking […]

MNCs are fighting cheap medicines in Turkey

08 Feb

Multinational medicine producers are fighting government action in Turkey to reduce medicine prices. Government regulation will definitely impact the bottom line but in the bigger picture (and from a multinational perspective) how much of it is actually relevant? A loss in Turkey is subsidised by a gain in a different country and it may require […]

EU pressuring Canada and India to accept data exclusivity proposals

01 Feb

You may think that Canadian and Indian pharmaceutical policy share little in common particularly with respect to what influences policymaking in each country. Think again! Both countries are under considerable pressure from the EU to include highly restrictive data exclusivity arrangements in its policy framework. The implications it has for medicine access is profound especially […]

Uganda expanding medicine production capacity

01 Feb

Wonderful news of Uganda’s move to expand pharmaceutical production capacity. Cipla is a key player as are local investors. I wonder how their ARV prices would compare with Indian and South African producers and if the Ugandan government is willing to pay a premier for locally produced medicines? ping.fm/lpMXX Best regards, Joao

Nigeria’s pharma market suffers constraints

01 Feb

Nigeria’s pharma market faces various challenges. These include regulatory constraints that hopefully the new NAFDAC will outcome. Little is said though in this report of how this all impacts medicine access and use for the people other than counterfeit medicines that remain a perennial concern. ping.fm/vuGnN Regards, Joao

An interesting perspective but …

31 Jan

This contribution argues for a relaxation in efforts to hold pharma companies accountable for medicine side effects, etc. Various interesting perspectives are shared but the contribution misses the reality of production – employers will relocate their operations to other countries where labour and capital is readily available and cheaper. Its unlikely that wave will reverse […]

Canadian policy to improve medicine access in developing countries could go either way …

30 Jan

An update of efforts by Canadian policymakers to ensure Africa and other developing countries have access to cheap medicines. But it seems the Canadian legislation is marred by procedural issues and this effort may not see the light of day. Given little was done in the past, how would this legislation help improve medicine access? […]

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