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Portuguese navigators, spice routes, and South-South trade routes for medicines

16 Feb

  João L. Carapinha, Brook K. Baker The spice trade of antiquity and contemporary medicine trade appear to share much in common. For centuries, Greeks and Romans traded spice with Asia using trade routes over land and sea to India and China. They were the Indian-Roman routes and Incense routes with paths crossing the Red Sea […]

Thieves divert medicines from government stores

20 Sep

Thieves that divert medicines from government stores prevent many thousands of patients from receiving care. The article below suggests that thieves are also calculating in that they only steal medicines nearing their expiration date. Such thoughtful thefts are great stock controllers but why would they loot government stores of near-expired medicines? If the purpose of […]

Interpol seizes 167,000 illegal pills in week-long crackdown

21 Nov

Interpol has carried out a series of raids worldwide which has resulted in a series of arrests and “the seizure of thousands of potentially harmful medical products”. Operation Pangea II, a week-long initiative involving 24 countries, was coordinated by Interpol and the World Health Organisation’s International Medical Products Anti-Counterfeiting Taskforce. Regulators, police and customs officials […]

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