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Why all the negativity around National Health Insurance in South Africa?

23 Aug

Why all the negativity around national health insurance (NHI) in South Africa? There is so much bad news such as comments by the Solidarity Research Institute that NHI will collapse the healthcare system, the Free Market Foundation believes the NHI will be a gateway for corruption, and Alex van den Heever at Wits University thinks […]

Market Access Landscape in the Middle East:The Next Five Years

06 Jun

The market access landscape in the Middle East is changing rapidly. The growth of private health insurance markets in the Gulf is a significant catalyst for the re-organisation of private sector stakeholders and improvements in internal reimbursement policies. In the past, Payors were relatively generous in their reimbursement of new technologies, but in the next […]

Is Real-World Evidence all it’s trumped-up to be?

10 Apr

There’s so much discussion around Big Data and Real-World Evidence (RWE) in improving access to medicines. RWE is clinical data collected after the publication of clinical trials used for marketing authorization. Sources may include health insurance claims databases, patient registries, hospital patient records, among others. Clinical trials are by design the gold standard for new […]

WHO’s serious reservations on Value-Based Pricing: Conflicts and Nuances

08 Jun
WHO Fair Pricing Forum Carapinha & Company

On May 10 and 11, the WHO Fair Pricing Forum met to discuss improvements to medicine pricing practices and pricing approaches that balance public health needs and incentives for pharmaceutical research and development. The Forum was established to facilitate the exchange of insights on fairer medicine pricing systems, identification of research gaps to support improvements, […]

The Globalization of NICE’s Health Technology Appraisals

01 May

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) in England often comes up in conversations on medicine reimbursement. The sequence of events goes something like this: a new medicine is planned for launch in a growth market (mostly middle-income countries), but the government and private health insurance companies are uncertain of its economic and […]

Webinar: “Remove barriers to entry by embracing an access-based approach to marketing”

19 May

We’ve joined eyeforpharma as their Strategic Partner to bring you a free webinar: “Remove barriers to entry by embracing an access-based approach to marketing” on Tuesday 26th May 2:30-3:30 pm SAST. Pharma companies in South Africa have products with compelling economic value propositions, however reimbursement constraints have limited the up-take and patient access to new therapies. But how do we […]

Mori and Robberstad paper on pharmacoeconomics in Tanzania

19 Oct

Amani Thomas Mori and Bjarne Robberstad’s paper on pharmacoeconomics in Tanzania is a great contribution. In part, it addresses a generally held hypothesis that pharmacoeconomic studies are impossible in Tanzania and comparable countries because no data is available with which to conduct such analyses. Mori et al clearly demonstrate that researchers have overcome data barriers […]

PubMed Search Terms – Systematic Literature Review

01 May

Gender and treatment for HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria in low and middle-income countries: A systematic review João L. Carapinha, Dennis Ross-Degnan, Paul Ashigbie, Catherine Vialle-Valentin, Anita K. Wagner PubMed Search Terms #1 Medicines ((“drugs, generic” or “prescriptions, drug” or (pharmaceutical preparations) or drug utilization or pharmacoepidemiology or pharmacoeconomic* or prescribing[ti] or medicines[ti] or self-medication[ti] or […]

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