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Value-Based Pricing of New Technologies

13 Aug
price and value balance sign

Health insurance companies and governments use strong financial and administrative barriers to manage the utilization of new technologies. Cost-sharing (co-insurance or co-payments), prior authorization, clinical panel reviews, therapeutic reference pricing, and new technology appraisals are designed to manage the incremental uptake of new technologies. These technologies, for example, PCSK-9 inhibitors and enzyme replacement therapies, are […]

Market Access Landscape in the Middle East:The Next Five Years

06 Jun

The market access landscape in the Middle East is changing rapidly. The growth of private health insurance markets in the Gulf is a significant catalyst for the re-organisation of private sector stakeholders and improvements in internal reimbursement policies. In the past, Payors were relatively generous in their reimbursement of new technologies, but in the next […]

C&C at ISPOR in Glasgow

11 Oct

C&C at ISPOR in Glasgow C&C will be at ISPOR Glasgow in just a few weeks. Will you? We’re presenting results of our recent work for Clients in Sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle East. We put great effort into analysing new health technologies, determining their budget impact in various markets, and assessing market access opportunities. […]

WHO’s serious reservations on Value-Based Pricing: Conflicts and Nuances

08 Jun
WHO Fair Pricing Forum Carapinha & Company

On May 10 and 11, the WHO Fair Pricing Forum met to discuss improvements to medicine pricing practices and pricing approaches that balance public health needs and incentives for pharmaceutical research and development. The Forum was established to facilitate the exchange of insights on fairer medicine pricing systems, identification of research gaps to support improvements, […]

Developing a fair pricing model for medicines.

07 Jul

Marie-Paule Kieny, Assistant Director-General at the WHO published an interested comment on finding a comprehensive and fair solution to the price of medicines. The part that grabbed our attention was the reference to developing ” … a fair pricing model …”, see below. To that end, WHO is planning to convene governments, patient groups and […]

China’s medicine pricing pro-market reforms

07 May

China’s National Development and Reform Commission announced earlier this week it would lift medicine price restrictions on most medicines except narcotics and psychotropics. The decision will shift price-setting decisions from regulators to the market and the Commission hopes it will improve competition and result in lower medicine prices. It is still early days whether this policy […]

Gilead adds discount, price freeze for AIDS drugs

12 Jun

Below some positive news about the Gilead effort to ensure that their range of antiretroviral medicines remain affordable during tough economic times. Best regards, Joao **** Gilead Sciences Inc. said Friday it joined with statewide AIDS Drug Assistance Programs to help U.S. residents with HIV receive antiretroviral medicines. Foster City-based Gilead (NASAQ:GILD) said budget shortfalls […]

Big pharma eyes Indian drug firms

12 Jun

That large multinational pharmaceutical companies would want to purchase Indian pharmaceutical companies is a worrying trend but not surprising. Western pharmaceutical firms are under considerable pressure to retain market share particularly as generic manufacturers continue expanding and many blockbuster pharmaceuticals come off patent. In a recent transaction, Abbott Laboratories purchased Piramal, India’s fourth-largest pharmaceutical company […]

Pharmaceutical supply chain in China: Current issues and implications for health system reform

23 Mar

This article in Health Policy is a perspective on pharmaceutical aspects related to the health care reform currently underway in China. As the central government progressively move to adopt market mechanisms to improve the efficiency of the pharmaceutical supply chain, it will be interesting to observe whether the experience from other nations will be used […]

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