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Klaus Leisinger – Novartis Foundation for Sustainable Development

15 Nov

Listen to Klaus Leisinger share his company’s perspective about corporate responsibility in the context of market and government failure. Among several points he made some included: – patents are not the only barriers to medicine access – the non-achievement of many MDGs among countries is frankly a scandal – more creative thinking is needed around […]

China Exports Convicts to Developing Countries

13 Jul

China is relieving overcrowding in its prisons by exporting convicts to developing countries to support private company or government run projects. These projects are not known for absorbing local labour and Chinese prefer employing Chinese to complete such projects . Are Chinese convicts being used for infrastructure development in the health care sector or for […]

Industry-funded CME

13 Jul

Industry-funded CME is a hot topic particular when it’s been found that such funding materially alters the prescribing and dispensing habits of physicians and pharmacists, respectively. There is no doubt that there is a connection between practitioner behavior and industry funding, but is banning industry-funded CME necessarily the way to go? It seems somewhat of […]

New DNA Robots Strut Their Tiny Stuff.

13 May

DNA robots are promising products of innovation mostly due to significant research and development investment. They move in response to chemical reactions and operate as nano-factories that may help deliver medicine to difficult-to-reach sites in the body, e.g.: tumours, etc. DNA robots are at the forefront of interdisciplinary research combining synthetic chemistry, enzymology, structural nanotechnology […]

Pharma And ‘Unethical’ Patent Lobbying In India

23 Mar

A controversy has erupted in recent weeks in India, where consumer activists are arguing that intellectual property conferences sponsored by drugmakers, law firms and others are little more than gussied up opportunities to lobby India’s judges and policy makers. In their view, these IP summits, which are organized by the George Washington University Law School, […]

Mark Lamberti – The Future of the CEO

09 Nov

This is a great talk by Mark Lamberti at Wits Business School addressing the future of the CEO. Some great quotes: “The current recession is the market doing its job as no other force could.” “People were buying things that they did not need at prices higher than they should have paid with money they […]

The Patient Perspective

31 Oct

The patient perspective has not been heard during recent debates on healthcare restructuring – this is the unheard voice of the patients. We often assume we know their needs and expectations. But this is not necessarily a failure on our part – its simply about the perspective. I posit that we sitting on a tremendous […]

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