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Developing a fair pricing model for medicines.

07 Jul

Marie-Paule Kieny, Assistant Director-General at the WHO published an interested comment on finding a comprehensive and fair solution to the price of medicines. The part that grabbed our attention was the reference to developing ” … a fair pricing model …”, see below. To that end, WHO is planning to convene governments, patient groups and […]

A small book with facts about generic medicines published by academics at Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM)

03 Mar

The book ‘What You Should Know About Generic Medicine?’ is published to debunk the myth that generic drugs are of lower quality as compared to branded drugs. Programme Chairman for the USM’s Discipline of Social and Administrative Pharmacy and also editorial chairman, Associate Prof. Mohamed Azmi Ahmad Hassali said generic medicines should be safe and […]

Portuguese navigators, spice routes, and South-South trade routes for medicines

16 Feb

  João L. Carapinha, Brook K. Baker The spice trade of antiquity and contemporary medicine trade appear to share much in common. For centuries, Greeks and Romans traded spice with Asia using trade routes over land and sea to India and China. They were the Indian-Roman routes and Incense routes with paths crossing the Red Sea […]

Brazil’s Presidential Election: Pharmaceutical Policy Implications

13 Jul

President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva of Brazil is credited for the “nation’s unparalleled clout on the global stage and a stable, growing economy”. His center left credentials and policies are testimony to their workability in a leading developing country and evidence that while political orientation may be important, it is crucial to deliver on […]

Big pharma eyes Indian drug firms

12 Jun

That large multinational pharmaceutical companies would want to purchase Indian pharmaceutical companies is a worrying trend but not surprising. Western pharmaceutical firms are under considerable pressure to retain market share particularly as generic manufacturers continue expanding and many blockbuster pharmaceuticals come off patent. In a recent transaction, Abbott Laboratories purchased Piramal, India’s fourth-largest pharmaceutical company […]

Bayer Schering bares $1.4-billion Asian expansion

14 Mar

SINGAPORE – Bayer Schering Pharma Asia Pacific is aiming to grow its business faster than the industry average this year after reporting a 13 percent improvement in sales last year to EUR 1.04 billion, ($1.41 billion) from EUR 910 million ($1.237.6 billion) in 2008, despite the global crisis. In a press briefing here on Friday, […]

Philippines – DoH working on new round of drug price cuts

10 Mar

MANILA, Philippines—The Department of Health is “working on” another round of drug price cuts before President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo’s term ends next June, according to DoH Secretary Esperanza Cabral. However, Cabral said, they were “not making any promises.” The first two rounds of voluntary price reductions by some 20 local pharmaceutical companies covered over 200 types […]

Chinese experts stress need for basic health care

09 Mar

By Gillian Wong. Full article available here Improving basic medical services through better training of staff is crucial to fixing and restoring public trust in China’s ailing health system, senior experts said Sunday. The high cost and poor availability of health services are among the biggest complaints of the Chinese public. China last year announced […]

97 more Philippines price cuts this month

03 Mar

In the Philippines, the prices of at least 97 medicines to treat cancer, asthma and other common conditions will be reduced by 50% on average on March 31, saving patients at least 1 billion pesos ($22 million) a year, the government has said. 11 pharmaceutical manufacturers have agreed to cut their prices in this latest […]

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