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Propensity to patent, competition and China’s foreign patenting surge

12 Jun

Research Policy (in press) doi:10.1016/j.respol.2010.04.006 Albert Guangzhou Hu Foreign applications for Chinese patents have been growing by over 30% a year. This paper explores two hypotheses in explaining the foreign patenting surge in China: market covering and competitive threat. With foreign companies more deeply engaged with the Chinese economy, returns from protecting their intellectual property […]

India, Brazil launch dispute against EU over drug seizures

13 May

India and Brazil launched a trade dispute against the European Union and the Netherlands in the World Trade Organisation on Wednesday over the seizure of generic medicines in transit. The request for consultations, the first step in a formal World Trade Organization dispute, ratchets up the pressure in a row pitting the intellectual property rights […]

Risk Of Wrongful Medicines Seizures Seen In EU-Central America Trade Deal

11 Apr

This news covers an aspect of what we saw last year when Dutch authorities blocked generic medicine shipments destined for Nigeria and Brazil. The current trade negotiations between the EU and Central America try to strike a balance between access to medicine and enforcing the intellectual property regime. While both are needed, it remains to […]

Pharma And ‘Unethical’ Patent Lobbying In India

23 Mar

A controversy has erupted in recent weeks in India, where consumer activists are arguing that intellectual property conferences sponsored by drugmakers, law firms and others are little more than gussied up opportunities to lobby India’s judges and policy makers. In their view, these IP summits, which are organized by the George Washington University Law School, […]

Research and Markets – Biotechnology Sector

09 Mar

The US biotechnology industry includes about 1,500 companies with combined annual revenue of about $70 billion. Major companies include Amgen, Biogen Idec, Genentech (owned by Switzerland-based Roche), Genzyme, Life Technologies, and Monsanto. Because many drugs are now developed using biotechnology, the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries overlap considerably. COMPETITIVE LANDSCAPE Demand for biotechnology research in the […]

Pharmaceutical bill deserves full support

03 Dec

Thanks for your editorial calling on Liberals to vote in favour of Bill C-393, a private member’s bill to reform Canada’s Access to Medicines Regime. With this bill Canada has an opportunity to once again take a leadership position on humanitarian issues. Critics say the bill is not compliant with current WTO rules, but international […]

Should drug companies conduct their own clinical trials?

30 Nov

As new guidance on the standards required for communicating company-sponsored medical research is published, today on bmj.com two experts debate whether drug firms carrying out clinical trials on their own medicines creates an unacceptable conflict of interest. Vincent Lawton, a healthcare consultant and non-executive director at the UK Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), […]

EU to seek details of drugmakers’ patent deals

23 Nov

EU regulators will ask drug companies for details of deals with makers of generic medicines as part of a crackdown on firms suspected of blocking cheaper treatments, a European Commission official said on Thursday. European Union Competition Commissioner Neelie Kroes said in her July report into the sector that delays in bringing generic drugs to […]

‘TRIPS flexibilities sacred; no plans to touch them’

17 Nov

Francis Gurry, the director-general of the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) was in the capital recently, amid the controversies over multilateral body’s plans to reform the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) which, some quarters allege, would lead to infringing upon the powers of national governments in matters of patent examination and grant. The fear is that […]

Uganda’s Counterfeits Bill Threatens Access to Medicine

15 Nov

Uganda’s Counterfeits Bill Threatens Access to Medicine By Wambi Michael KAMPALA, (IPS) – Uganda is considering an anti-counterfeit bill which analysts say will impair the country’s ability to import and export cheap but effective generic medicines. Activists fear that the bill, once enacted, will deny Ugandans access to safe, effective, quality and affordable generic medication […]

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