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Thank-you for participating in the survey “Global Trends in Access to Health Technologies”

20 Nov
Thank you Global Trends in Access to Health Technologies

Thank-you for participating in the survey “Global Trends in Access to Health Technologies” between November 8 and 18, 2019. We received 213 responses, so we are extremely happy with the support and insightful thoughts shared by Clients and Colleagues around the world. The health of patients depends on our ability to strengthen access to health […]

South Africa’s Private Health Insurance Industry: A Strategic National Asset under Threat?

11 Jul

South Africa’s Cabinet of Ministers recently approved a White Paper on National Health Insurance aimed at moving the policy of universal health coverage further down the road. A National Health Insurance system would result in an integrated healthcare system founded on the principles of solidarity and redistribution of healthcare resources. The basic idea is that […]

En garde QALY! Is your end nigh?

05 Apr

The Spanish Ministry of Health recently rejected the use of QALYs in cost-effectiveness analyses. At issue is the subjective nature of the parameters used to develop the QALY. The Quality-Adjusted Life-Years (QALY) is a product of the change in utilities associated with a treatment multiplied by the time of treatment exposure. The QALYs gained combined […]

Evidence-Based Medicine: Hard For Some To Swallow

21 Nov

This week two panels of medical experts recommended fewer screening tests for breast and cervical cancer. And recently, men got similar advice about prostate cancer screening. The recommendations come from something called evidence-based medicine, and are being met with resistance from some consumer groups and physicians. Evidence-based medicine is a pretty simple concept. “The basic […]

DOJ Investigates Alleged Fraud By Drugmakers

13 Nov

News outlets focus on alleged fraud in the drug and insurance industries. “A $112 million settlement involving alleged drug kickbacks that the Justice Dept. announced with the nation’s largest nursing home pharmacy and a generic drug manufacturer on Nov. 3 is part of a wide-ranging investigation of suspected Medicaid fraud by the pharmaceutical industry,” Business […]

The Patient Perspective

31 Oct

The patient perspective has not been heard during recent debates on healthcare restructuring – this is the unheard voice of the patients. We often assume we know their needs and expectations. But this is not necessarily a failure on our part – its simply about the perspective. I posit that we sitting on a tremendous […]

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