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Thank-you for participating in the survey “Global Trends in Access to Health Technologies”

20 Nov
Thank you Global Trends in Access to Health Technologies

Thank-you for participating in the survey “Global Trends in Access to Health Technologies” between November 8 and 18, 2019. We received 213 responses, so we are extremely happy with the support and insightful thoughts shared by Clients and Colleagues around the world. The health of patients depends on our ability to strengthen access to health […]

Does the pharmaceutical industry bribe the FDA?

09 Aug

It’s not the type of question we’re asked every day, so it sparked our interest, particularly the assumption that something like this is possible. Opinion on the subject is divided. They range from ideas that anything related to the pharmaceutical industry is tainted, in this case the FDA, to opinions from scientists and policy experts […]

ISPOR South Africa: Panel Presentation

18 Sep

This presentation provides highlights of a recent paper published by Dr. João  Carapinha on a comparative review of the Pharmacoeconomic Guidelines in South Africa with twelve other countries. An abstract and more background information on the paper is also available here.  

Developing a fair pricing model for medicines.

07 Jul

Marie-Paule Kieny, Assistant Director-General at the WHO published an interested comment on finding a comprehensive and fair solution to the price of medicines. The part that grabbed our attention was the reference to developing ” … a fair pricing model …”, see below. To that end, WHO is planning to convene governments, patient groups and […]

Market Access Strategies to Boost Access to Innovative Treatments

21 Mar
Image 5

Attend this workshop to develop leading insights on pharmaceutical pricing, integrated market access strategies and applied pharmacoeconomics. Listen to Dr. João L. Carapinha, Ph.D respond to some initial questions regarding the workshop and congress. (Correction: the workshop is now on March 29 at the Sheraton Grand Hotel). Register HERE. Register HERE.

Achieving Pharmacoeconomic Excellence in South Africa

18 Jun

We shared a post on LinkedIn on the results of a systematic review that found half of the pharmacoeconomic studies in South Africa are good quality. The purpose of the post is to extend the discussion presented by the authors and to consider the future implications for pharmacoeconomic research in South Africa and the implementation of pharmacoeconomic […]


25 Mar

Carapinha, J. (2000) Continuing Professional Development in Human Resource Management. Journal of Modern Pharmacy, 7 (10), 1-6. Carapinha, J. (2003) Rational Self-Medication within a South African Context. The Journal of Modern Pharmacy, February 2003. Carapinha, J. (2005) Ethical Decision Making in Managed Health Care. South African Pharmaceutical Journal, 72 (2). Carapinha, J. (2005) Evidence-Based Pharmacy Practice. […]

Klaus Leisinger – Novartis Foundation for Sustainable Development

15 Nov

Listen to Klaus Leisinger share his company’s perspective about corporate responsibility in the context of market and government failure. Among several points he made some included: – patents are not the only barriers to medicine access – the non-achievement of many MDGs among countries is frankly a scandal – more creative thinking is needed around […]

“Business model is broken” – Hale, Medicines360

16 Apr

Victoria Hale, Medicines360’s CEO, believes the pharmaceutical business model is broken. Hale presented at the Unite for Sight conference in New Haven and informed delegates that pharma companies profit excessively from medicine sales and enourmous marketing budgets shadow R&D expenditure. Furthermore, she believes that society should purchase medicinal products from companies that benefit humanity. Talking […]

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