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25 Mar

Carapinha, J. (2000) Continuing Professional Development in Human Resource Management. Journal of Modern Pharmacy, 7 (10), 1-6. Carapinha, J. (2003) Rational Self-Medication within a South African Context. The Journal of Modern Pharmacy, February 2003. Carapinha, J. (2005) Ethical Decision Making in Managed Health Care. South African Pharmaceutical Journal, 72 (2). Carapinha, J. (2005) Evidence-Based Pharmacy Practice. […]

Industry-funded CME

13 Jul

Industry-funded CME is a hot topic particular when it’s been found that such funding materially alters the prescribing and dispensing habits of physicians and pharmacists, respectively. There is no doubt that there is a connection between practitioner behavior and industry funding, but is banning industry-funded CME necessarily the way to go? It seems somewhat of […]

Evidence-based Pharmacy Practice

31 Oct

Pharmacists in community and hospital practice are under increasing pressure to demonstrate that they are providing the best possible care for their patients. There is also growing evidence to suggest that pharmacists are not making full use of the available research evidence when making decisions about individual patients and their medication (RPSGB, 1999).

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