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Dr. Nkonjo-Iweala: Open letter to the World Bank Board of Directors

15 Apr

OPEN LETTER TO THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS OF THE WORLD BANK IN SUPPORT OF DR. NGOZI OKONJO-IWEALA’S CANDIDACY FOR PRESIDENT Dear Honourable Board of Directors, As the Graduates of the NEPAD Business Foundation African Leadership Programme (NBF-ALP) we proactively contribute towards changes that support good governance. We collaborate in ways that aim at ensuring inclusiveness […]

A Practical Approach to Pharmaceutical Policy

20 Sep

A Practical Approach to Pharmaceutical Policy, by: Andreas Seiter Pharmaceuticals are an essential component of health care. But for many people in low- and middle-income countries, access to the medicines they need to prevent or treat severe illnesses is limited. Typical problems are lack of availability, costs that exceed the individual’s purchasing power or lack […]

WHS Results: Access to care and medicines

20 Sep

Access to care and medicines, burden of health care expenditures, and risk protection: Results from the World Health Survey Anita K. Wagner, Amy Johnson Gravesa, Sheila K. Reissa, Robert LeCatesa, Fang Zhanga and Dennis Ross-Degnan Objectives: We assessed the contribution of health insurance and a functioning public sector to access to care and medicines and […]

How personal are “personal characteristics”

20 Sep

Does personality determine socioeconomic status and therefore health inequalities? The comments by Johan Mackenbach suggests that it does but it rests on the thought that personality is a genetic phenomena and therefore fairly stable and predictable. But personality is also a product of circumstance, time, social interactions, resources, and social institutions. Personality is socially constructed […]

Philippines – DoH working on new round of drug price cuts

10 Mar

MANILA, Philippines—The Department of Health is “working on” another round of drug price cuts before President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo’s term ends next June, according to DoH Secretary Esperanza Cabral. However, Cabral said, they were “not making any promises.” The first two rounds of voluntary price reductions by some 20 local pharmaceutical companies covered over 200 types […]

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