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Industry-funded CME

13 Jul

Industry-funded CME is a hot topic particular when it’s been found that such funding materially alters the prescribing and dispensing habits of physicians and pharmacists, respectively. There is no doubt that there is a connection between practitioner behavior and industry funding, but is banning industry-funded CME necessarily the way to go? It seems somewhat of […]

Evidence-Based Medicine: Hard For Some To Swallow

21 Nov

This week two panels of medical experts recommended fewer screening tests for breast and cervical cancer. And recently, men got similar advice about prostate cancer screening. The recommendations come from something called evidence-based medicine, and are being met with resistance from some consumer groups and physicians. Evidence-based medicine is a pretty simple concept. “The basic […]

Quality of Care

31 Oct

Patients expect the provision of quality care from the healthcare system, whether they are in the public sector or the private sector. One method amongst many of ensuring the provision of quality care is with the use of medicine. This discussion paper explores the conceptual link between the value of a medicine and improving quality […]

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