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Thieves divert medicines from government stores

20 Sep

Thieves that divert medicines from government stores prevent many thousands of patients from receiving care. The article below suggests that thieves are also calculating in that they only steal medicines nearing their expiration date. Such thoughtful thefts are great stock controllers but why would they loot government stores of near-expired medicines? If the purpose of […]

Safety in numbers: Brazil’s medicine serialisation initiative

11 Apr

As the Brazilian pharmaceutical market grows so does the need to ensure pharmaceutical supply chain integrity. The news below covers efforts by ANVISA to implement a system to monitor the distribution of pharmaceuticals from the manufacturer to the patient. Its not without logistical challenges but undoubtedly a great move to implement better systems of accountability. […]

Pharmaceutical supply chain in China: Current issues and implications for health system reform

23 Mar

This article in Health Policy is a perspective on pharmaceutical aspects related to the health care reform currently underway in China. As the central government progressively move to adopt market mechanisms to improve the efficiency of the pharmaceutical supply chain, it will be interesting to observe whether the experience from other nations will be used […]

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