Taiwan: Health minister not opposed to ‘revolving door’ clause

The Taiwanese Minister of Health will consider legislation preventing civil servants from accepting key positions in the private sector. It may have its benefits however retired civil servants may be the only agents of change able to interpret public policy for their new employers leading to better alignment between public and private interests. This is not always the case and in many countries regulatory capture is a standard feature of the relationship between government agencies and regulated industries. The two depend on each other and in Taiwan a three year waiting period is unlikely to have a meaningful impact.
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The Department of Health (DOH) will not oppose amending the law to prevent its senior staff from taking jobs at pharmaceutical plants or medical institutions within a specified period after retirement, an official said Friday. DOH Minister Yaung Chih-liang made the remarks in response to an appeal by the Consumers' Foundation earlier in the day that a "revolving door" clause be introduced to block senior DOH officials from taking positions at health care-related institutions within three years following their retirement from public services. Speaking at a news conference, Consumers' Foundation Chairman Hsieh Tien-jen said a lot of DOH officials have taken up important positions at medical institutions or pharmaceutical companies shortly after stepping down from department posts.

Source: Focus Taiwan

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    Taiwan: Health minister not opposed to 'revolving door' clause su.pr/23OMFu

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